Craig Scott & Company, LPA


Honest, caring and intelligent. I never thought I would say that about any attorney but this firm made me feel welcome and comfortable from the very first meeting. I never wanted to use an attorney for the accident; I just wanted the bills to be paid. Sadly, the insurance company just wanted to give me the run around. I chose this firm based on the recommendtion of a friend in insurance who said, “We never want to see this guy in court. He is the toughest and his firm wins a lot of the cases.” That is what I wanted; I needed a hero for my quest, a friend for my journey and a champion for my legal battle. They did almost all the work. All I had to do was fill in some dates and details and they took it from there. Easy, free downtown parking in the garage attached to their building was a huge plus. Friendly and personal customer service and information in terms I could understand. I never felt overwhelmed or intimidated. I was so scared going into this and so relieved after meeting the team. I had a team! Although there are many people in the firm I only ever worked with two; Craig and his talented legal assistant, Heather, were there for me always. When I called I got to talk directly to the people who knew all the details and were familiar with me. They knew me and cared about my success. They owned the case - it was never passed around to anyone. I loved that personal touch. I needed that personal touch. It was great not feeling alone. Getting hit was bad; getting injured was worse. These people made it all better! Can never thank them enough!

- A.I.

Craig works tirelessly to make your worst times more manageable. He quickly establishes confidentiality and rapport, he is incredibly easy to talk to, he makes your worries a priority, and ensures you that you'll be able to reach out to him in case of need. On top of everything, he is passionate about what he does and genuinely cares about helping you in any way possible. With his character and work ethic, you can't go wrong working with Craig.

- R.W.

Thank you Craig and Heather! You both kept fighting even when I myself was down and never let up. The amount of professionalism and candidness in my case was beyond what I had ever thought possible and their integrity in the face of another parties unjust cause gave me hope to keep fighting for justice despite my injuries keeping me down. Not only are you both amazing legal representatives but you are both genuinely caring, awesome people with which in this world I was honored to meet and have handle my case. Craig Scott is an attorney I would recommend 100% to anyone no matter how big the case, he works way too hard to let you down and will move mountains to make sure that in the case of another doing wrong, that person also not taking responsibility for it, he WILL make sure righteousness is the deciding factor. Thank you Craig!

- D.O.

Professional and personal. Two words that describe Craig and Heather. They stood by me thru the entire process of my lawsuit. They answered all my questions and are always just a phone call away. They worked vigorously for me and achieved the best possible outcome for my case. THANK YOU Craig!

- J.C.

Thank you Craig, Heather, & Jodelle for all your assistance! If you’re looking for legal and professional advice, I highly recommend Craig Scott. Please go like their business page!

- N.F.

Attentive, thorough, and thoughtful. Craig is highly intelligent and passionate about achieving the best results.

- B.F.